2010: d a n i e l p a t r i c k | a new dawn

2010 is upon us and this will mark the year that we go from reality to dreams with the escape collection...NY and LA is on the horizon...2009 was the wake-up call...2010 the rising of the sun...2011 and beyond look bright...there is a long way to go but the drive from within is strong and ready...the clothes may be dark but the future definitely isn't...rise and grind it's daniel patrick time..


Chronicles of Never earrings: Part II

Oh and I bought another pair of chronicles earrings...these sterling silver flags...


Chronicles of Never earrings

I recently acquired myself these square earrings in black by chronicles of never from one of my favourite stores in Sydney Southwest trader. The industrial style studs were just what I was looking for to fit with my style...

Scent of a man part II: Odeur 53

Odeur 53 by Comme Des Garcon is an abstract fragrance to say the least. The fragrance is created by chemically re-producing 53 inorganic scents like sand dunes, washing drying in the wind, burnt rubber, and the freshness of oxygen to name but a few, using a method that takes nothing from nature so is truly environmentally friendly...if it sounds totally out there that's probably because it is..this one isn't for the average joe...it's an aromatic experience like no other for the avante garde individual...it mixes well with escentric molecules and the minimalist bottle design isn't hard on the visio...

Pure Matte Black Obsession: Knockout

In line with my obsession for matte black at the moment I thought to myself why not matte black nail polish..that's right matte black nail polish, no shine whatsoever. So I set out to find one and thought it would be easy but apparently not. I stumbled across knockout cosmetics and it is the only truly matte black nail polish on the market. Created by celebrity make-up artist Mick Potter when he to couldn't find a true matte finish nail polish..Think art deco meets rock chic and totally unique...don't be afraid to be different...



Scent of a man: Escentric Molecules

Molecule 01 by escentric molecules is my new fragrance of choice. This cult fragrance was launched in London to an exclusive client waiting list that not even Mischa Barton could get on. So let's just say you can't pick this up at just any department store. The fragrance pays homage to a single scent ingredient - Iso E Super - which chemically reacts with each individual body chemistry creating a unique scent for each wearer and a pheromone like effect. It also works great mixed with other fragrances. I recently mixed it with Comme Des Garcon Odeur 53 the result: an olefactory experience like no other...


All Black Everything... the dark warrior

heavy matte black card, gloss black logo, black leather cord and black safety pin...all black everything...it's all in the details I spend alot of time on each minute detail till the final product is unveiled down to the last measurement. I lose sleep over this but I love it... you can expect the same energy from the collection...patience is a virtue don't rush perfection...

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