d a n i e l p a t r i c k | All in a day's work

Today was the first fitting for the collection and I'm really looking forward to the final product...The first pieces looked great and now the momentum is building like a snow ball...Tokyo and London have now been added to the list of cities I'll be visiting in 2010...I'm working with Julio Valdes the master of leather here in Australia Responsible for the leather work worn by Anakin Skywalker in the latest star wars film...Even the jedi master himself was impressed...Stay tuned the unveiling is upon us...


d a n i e l p a t r i c k | First Fittings and update

Things are moving along rapidly with the collection and today we are doing the first fittings. I'm heading to NY and LA in May/June. We will also be shooting a short film to coincide with the release and shooting the lookbook as well amongst other things...The unveiling is close...opportunities are presenting themselves...still work to be done but each day is a step closer to the dream...I love creating and bringing imagination to life and I can't wait to show the world...

daniel patrick's | 10 essential items

1.Daniel Patrick | Top of the list is my clothing line

2.Orciani Bag | I love to travel with my all leather orciani bag
3.Ralph Lauren Cardholder | I hate the bulk of a wallet So I use this

4.Esscentric Molecules Cologne | unique scent on every wearer

5.Matte black Nail polish |
6.Macbook Pro 15 inch | I live on this thing

7.Retrosuperfuture Flat tops | I love the silhouette and the quality and the lack of labels

8.Chronicles of Never Jewellery | Rings and earrings I can't get enough

9.iphone 3GS | This has revolutionized Mobile Phone use and taken it to another level
10.Doc Martens | Classic

Retrosuperfuture Side Views |

These are the classic flat top silhouette from retrosuperfuture updated with side lenses...the flat top is my favourite sunglass silhouette to date and this is a nice variation of that. Featuring zeiss lenses and all black of course and hand made in Italy...well they do come in other colours but I choose black, matte black at that...these keep the sun from coming in and look super crazy like 3d glasses...and I love how they are only branded on the inside so you're not a walking billboard...over branding kills me I can't stand it... and since daniel patrick eyewear isn't released yet these will do the trick...


Jirat James Patradoon |

Jirat James Patradoon is an visionary from Sydney, Australia who molds japanese manga, slasher movie villains, biker gangs, pro wrestlers and elvis in his own unique way gaining him world recognition in the art and design industry. Working with the likes of Diesel, Pepsico, MTV, Adidas yet still maintaining his artisitic integrity James definitely is on a level all of his own wit his sinister and unique creations... a collab with daniel patrick in the future...I'm down if he is...

doc martens

doc martens 10 eye classic boot definitely on my list...its classic and its comfortable...

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