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The movement is almost upon us... prepare yourself for what is to come...the body of work is drawing closer to completion but as we continue the story begins to unfold and take a different path...I see now that the creativity will never stop I crave it, I need it, I live it... This is what I dream about, this is what goes through my head... I have a vision in there I can see things and create things and sometimes I don't even bother to put pen to paper cause I know it's safe there, I file it there and use it at a later date or perhaps not...It starts with an idea then it's my responsibility as an artist to bring that idea into the physical universe because it is we as artist who are responsible for creating the future we create the aesthetics, we come up with the ideas, we carry the torch...the ideas are being brought to life much faster these days and as I continue I realize when I finish each piece I'm anxious for the next one and it doesn't stop...minute details cause me stress and that is what pushes the designs to the next level, that eye, that determination and attention to detail, I've always had it...I have come so far but this is only the beggining of my journey we haven't even scratched the surface yet...still so much to learn, I don't think that will ever stop... still so much to do and achieve...so as I create this movement its very simple you are either in or you are out it's your choice...all I ask is that you take a look the rest will speak for itself...

-daniel patrick

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