nomdic warrior:part II

The nomadic warrior journey continues and has a feeling of desolation, a post appocolyptic world blended with the modernism and constant randomity of new york city...blending elements of the two juxtaposing views...one of total solitude of the desert and the other a melting pot of people...life is there to be experienced, there to be lived, it's a test at times but joy comes from striving for what one believes and striving for one's dreams and fantasies so the nomadic warrior is continuing his nomadic journey toward self discovery and living life,making mistakes and learning from them, experiencing success, experiencing failures, falling in love, and discovering the true secrets of the universe, realizing the power possessed and the responsibility one has, looking inwards before pointing the finger without as it is he who is responsible for everything that occurs to him and that is the way it works an understanding of that has been confronting.... growing, gaining wisdom and setting an example, this is he and the inner demons will be slayed one at a time and the true self will be revealed in all it's glory...this is the journey of daniel patrick...time to get lost in the world and live...

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