Walking Art..

To me a great outfit is like a canvas it is a work of art. Everything put together just right, balancing, not too much not too little. Accessories are the key for me. They turn any outfit, when done right of course, into a masterpiece to behold. I love to dress up and create new outfits and love to dress others it's like my canvas I love taking elements from different styles and fusing them to create something of my own. Fashion is art and it doesn't matter what you wear it's how it's worn. Layering adds another dimension to the masterpiece. And let's not forgot shoes...shoes are major.Everything should be on point though down to the smallest details from grooming to even underwear. I know right underwear. But who can see it you say? Well you just never know.......Whatever the outfit make it your own.....Here are some works of art....

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